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Self Checkout OPALS

We do have a self checkout module (no charge)
that would maintain student privacy. See below for the documentation and we can assist you 
in setting it up. The self checkout module would need a dedicated PC to use. Would your school have an 
older PC that is not being used?  Let me know if a call would be helpful.
OPALS program for self service loans.

OPALS Self Service Loan module is installed on a dedicated workstation. Here at OPALS support we setup a special authentication server for your specific library. On a dedicated workstation in your library :

  • An especially configured Firefox browser opens with a full screen and graphics. A mouse and barcode scanner are the only things needed to loan items from this workstation.
  • If there are transactions such as fines or overdues that need the service of a librarian, then the item will not loan until that question has been rectified in OPALS by the librarian.
 At your local OPALS site be sure you have collected the needed hardware, and setup OPALS circulation parameters. 

A dedicated workstation. This MS Windows workstation (version 7 or newer) must be connected to the Internet and will be used exclusively for the self service circulation.
  • A barcode scanner - for items and borrower identification
  • Cards with borrower barcodes - scanned to identify the borrower.
  • A mouse will be needed to answer any system prompts
  • A keyboard that can be hidden or unplugged during the self service access times.
A working OPALS circulation system must be set with borrowers and items and loan periods for various user types and item Types. These locally configured OPALS parameters will be recognized by the self circulation module as it authenticates directly with your OPALS library's database of titles and borrowers and circulation tables.

Setup :

First, the local OPALS system preferences need to reflect a parameter for the Self Service Loan option. Login to the OPALS library and Edit a variable in the >Administration >Preferences >System Preferences menu. The variable called “selfcheck” needs to be changed to “On”.

Next, the dedicated workstation will run two programs which need to be locally installed. Administrator access permissions will be needed for installation purposes
  1. The first is a small dedicated Apache web server to send and receive authenticated information.
  2. The other program is a specially configured version of Firefox to access the OPALS SIP2 module for self circulation.
Get the zip file
Using the workstation that has been assigned for Self Service Circulation, download the zip file which has all the needed programs and scripts.
  1. Download :
  2. Extract it to a folder on the hard drive, say C:\USBWebserver-SIP-8.6
The above zip file was prepared with all the programming and scripts needed to do the self service checkoutThe config.php file it contains will need to be replaced with one we send to reflect the setup for your specific library.
  • Extract  the zip file to a folder on the dedicated Windows workstation hard drive, say: C:\USBWebserver-SIP-8.6
    (This folder name will continue as the example in the instructions below)
  • Hover and right click on the file
  • Choose the option to make a shortcut or pin to the taskbar or start menu
  • Do the same as above for 
Make sure the taskbar or start menu has the option there - or drag the shortcut to your desktop if that is what you chose to do. 

The configuration file.
A configuration file created by OPALS support must replace the 'config.php' file that is in the original zip installation. (This file will have been sent as an email attachment.)
Copy this file to replace the original 'config.php' located at:

Two steps to start the Self Service Loans

Close any programs or browsers that are open in your dedicated workstation, before taking the next two steps.

1) Click to run usbwebserver.exe. It will be in the Task Bar, or Startup menu, or shortcut on your desktop as you chose to instal it above. 
  • Allow access to any Windows Firewall requests.
You will see a small window open asking you permission to run the app: 
  • Choose 'Run'

The USBWebserver application will start with a small window displaying various setup options. Wait until it appears before starting the portable Firefox in step two below. 

2) Click to run FirefoxPortable.exe The browser will fill your screen with the opening graphics for the Self Serve Circulation. (If you have another browser open on your workstation, It must be closed before the FirefoxPortable browser will open with the correct configuration) 
  • Hide or unplug the keyboard
  • Use the scanner to scan a borrowers barcode, then item barcodes.
  • Use the mouse to click on any needed responses.

To close FirefoxPortable, press Alt+F4.

Note : If you wish to test the site and use a browser that is not the Firefox Portable browser, then from the workstation that has this module installed use this URL in your normal Firefox browser. 

John S.

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