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Cayuga Onondaga BOCES SLS Homepage: Inter Library Loan

Adding OVerlay to SCOOLS

Here are some instructions on doing Overlays for any schools in your system.
First, you will need an entire Export of all the records in a School. Don't worry if it's a Non Opals school, we have the means to omit any Bibs that are not Books.
Follett Destiny:
  1. Go to the Cataloging Tab
  2. Click on Export Titles
  3. Select ALL to export all records, include the copy information and UTF-8 file format
  4. Click Export
  5. View progress under Admin, Job Manager
  6. When export is complete, Click View
  7. Right click Export File; Select Save Link As, (in Firefox & Chrome) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer)
  8. Please rename the file: YourSchoolName.001and it save to your desktop.
  1. Choose Catalog > Cataloging Tools.
  2. Click on Export.
  3. Under Search Options select the collection to export (Ex: Library). Select bibliographic.
  4. Under the Title field, enter *. Click Search.
  5. Click Select All.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter the file name YourSchoolName.txt. Click Finish.
  8. Right click on the file link and go to Save link/target as to save it in your preferred location.
  1. Select Items > Export
  2. You have the choice to Select export type: Choose “entire database”
  3. Select all item types listed
  4. Click Export button. Wait several minutes, Press F5
  5. Once numbered MARC file is listed, Click on the file to download to Desktop or Downloads folder
  6. Rename the file to your school’s name and save it
When you login to, Go to Items/Import menu, Select the file to import, change Options from Automatic Merge to Overlay. Select the school with the 4 Drop down options and press Import. After 5-10 minutes, if you press the Blue Import button again, you will see blue Review under Status. Review the file by checking any Call Numbers that should not be in the Union. DVD, Ebook, CD, VHS, VC, Video, Magazine. The Union is designed for the regular Book Medium only. However, they are not Books but have been put in with a Book template. When done, press Accept or Reject at the bottom. File should take about an hour to import. 
Better documentation or a video may be something that can improve this. Please let me know if you have any questions,
OPALS Support
Toll Free (877) 331-1022
245 Labrosse, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 1A3 (514) 336-4340
11320 Route 9 #162, P.O. Box 1107, Champlain, NY, 12919
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Requesting an Item in SCOOLS

Filling an ILL request

Returning an ILL Item using the SCOOLS Union Catalog

Receiving an ILL Item from a Borrowing Library



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About Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service where a patron of one library can borrow books that are owned by another library. The patron makes a request with their home library; which, acting as an intermediary, identifies libraries with the desired item, places the request, receives the item, makes it available to the user, as well as arranges for its return.

The School Library System coordinates all ILL activities in our area. We use the SCOOLS Cat for ILL in the South Central region of NYS. The SLS also works with the South Central Regional Library Council for items not found in the SCOOLS Cat. All school libraries are required to participate in ILL.

Contact the SLS if you have any questions.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy

I. Definition

An interlibrary loan is a transaction in which library materials, or copies of the material, or resources are made available by one library to another upon request.

II. Purpose

The purpose of interlibrary loan, as defined herein, is to provide access to library resources not available in the user’s library.

III. Scope

A. A loan or copy of any material may be requested from another library through the School Library System in accordance with the loan period established by the owning library. The lending library will decide in each case whether a particular item can be provided.

B. Most libraries will not ordinarily lend the following types of materials (but could be available for on-site access providing arrangements have been made in advance):

1. Rare, unique, or valuable material, which would be difficult or impossible to replace,

2. Bulky or fragile items which would create shipping problems,

3. Resources in high demand at the lending library,

4. Resources that do not circulate, except at the discretion of the lending library (e.g. reference books, media).

IV. Copyright Compliance

The current Copyright Law shall be adhered to at all times.

V. Method of Request

A. All interlibrary loan requests from students, faculty, and staff should be submitted by the school library media person of the building/district.

B. Verification

1. Bibliographic information must be as complete as possible when submitted to the School Library System.

2. The source of verification should be stated.

VI. Responsibility of the Borrowing Library

A. Each member library should provide the resources to meet the study, instructional, informational, and normal research needs of its primary clientele.

B. Each library within the School Library System should inform its users of the purpose and of the library’s interlibrary borrowing policy.

C. Each library should make every effort to exhaust its own resources before resorting to interlibrary loan and carefully screen all requests for loans.

D. The borrowing library is responsible for the safety of all resources borrowed from other libraries. If the borrowing library permits its users to use the resources outside of the borrowing library, the borrowing library is responsible for:

1. charging out the material in an acceptable manner, and

2. soliciting the prompt return of resources on or before the date due.

E. The borrowing library and its users must comply with the conditions established by the lending library.

F. The borrowing library is responsible for reporting losses and damages to the School Library System as soon as possible.

G. The borrowing library is responsible for returning the resources properly packaged to the lending library, via the established delivery method.

H. The total responsibility for resources borrowed from other libraries that are not arranged through the School Library System, remains with the borrowing library.

VII. Method of Loan

The lending library may select the most satisfactory method:

A. Send the resource, properly packaged, to the requesting school via the delivery system.

B. Photocopy or scan a print resource (periodical article (example).

C. Ask the School Library System to photocopy from a print source in its collection.

VIII. Responsibility of the Lending Library

A. The lending library is to decide if a resource is eligible for interlibrary loan.

B. The lending library will follow the established loan period for materials loaned, exclusive of the time spent in transit.

C. The lending library should respond to all requests as promptly as possible.

D. The lending library is responsible for clearly marking its ownership on each item loaned.

E. The lending library will determine renewal loan privileges.

IX. Responsibility of the School Library System

A. The School Library System will act as an intermediary in arranging loans between the libraries and in soliciting the return of overdue resources.

B. The School Library System will arrange for the transporting of interlibrary materials using the existing delivery system.

C. The School Library System will assume responsibility for resources lost or damaged beyond repair in transit.

D. The responsibility for resources borrowed from other libraries in the Cayuga- Onondaga School Library System rests with the borrowing library. However, if the borrowing library presents proof that all avenues of collection for lost or damaged materials have been exhausted, the School Library System will provide a replacement or will provide funds to help cover losses. Replacement prices for out-of-print resources will be established by using a comparable fair market value.

E. The School Library System will make a serious effort to avoid concentrating the burden of requests on a few libraries.

X. Duration of Loan

A. The duration of the loan is set for all SCOOLS participants. “Date Due” means the date when the library material is to be shipped back to the lending library.

B. All interlibrary loan material should be returned promptly.

C. A renewal request should be sent in time to reach the lending library no later than three days prior to the due date.

D. All material on loan is subject to immediate recall and the borrowing library should comply promptly.

XI. Violation of Policy

Continued disregard of any provisions of this policy is sufficient reason for the suspension of a school’s interlibrary borrowing privileges.

XII. This policy shall be reviewed on a regular basis and revised when necessary.

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