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Creating a Website to Promote Your Library Program: Monograph or Serial Publication?

How would you classify a library web page?

Should a library web site be a monographic publication or a serial publication?


Monographic Publication A publication that is complete 'as is' when it is published and it is not expected to be updated.

Serial Publication A publication that is published in successive parts which are intended to be continued indefinitely

(Something Else?)


Webpages as Monographic Publications

Webpages as Serial Publications

Implications for Web Pager Design

School Library Web Pages as Monographic Publications

  • Strengths- These contain everything that is needed, it is organized, and it is complete. Period.
  • Limitations- New resources or information is not available to users. Students (and others) may not understand the organization.

School Library Web Pages as Serial Publications

  • Strengths- These contain information about the library program. These are updated with new resources when these become available or with information as needed. These are responsive to the needs of students, teachers and others.
  • Limitations- These require us to maintain the web site and create new pages to deliver information or resouces to our students.
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