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Creating a Website to Promote Your Library Program: Definition of Terms

Thoughts About Web Pages

Web pages are a media source of text-based information that is coded in a mark up language and read with a web browser.

Web page may contain still or video images and other computer coding.

Thinking About Web Page Construction

In the beginning, there was the word processor. You set your margins, indents and typing, and it behaved like a typewriter. With things like spell check, all of those fonts, type sizes, and color, it was more that just a digital typewriter. You could also add images but this was clunky. The end product was a printed document.

Then publisher programs came along. We could not take these word processed documents, combine them into larger documents, do fancy things like running headers and footers, generate tables of contents and indexes, and you had more control of document images. The end product was still a printed document. Some fancier programs also let you export this document as a web page, but this still looked like the printed document.

Finally with the Internet and html, we can now easily create digital documents that can be read by anyone with a web browser. However, creating web pages is not the same the same as creating word processor or publisher documents. We need to be aware of users experience (UX).

UX means that we need to consider how users interact with our information. For example, is it organized in ways that allow users to understand and find the information they need? We also need consider how this information is coded. If they use an audible browser, if they need to change the color contrast or the text size, if they access our information on a mobile device (or for that matter, some other new device that has not yet been invented), will they be able to navigate and "read" our information? If the web pages are well constructed, the answer is yes!



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