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Rutgers RIOT

Take this interactive tutorial to learn about various aspects of the research process. You can select specific modules to help with your individual needs. The five modules are: (1) Selecting a Topic, (2) Finding Sources, (3) Selecting Keywords, (4) Identifying Citations, and (5) Evaluating Sources.

Tech Tools

ProQuest Multi-Subject Database

A multi-subject database that covers current events and recent history in hundreds of periodicals.  It provides scholarly and general interest articles in all subject areas.       

Encyclopedia Databases

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

This database offers access to four encyclopedias, atlases, timelines, photographs and videos.  It is helpful for general reference, biographies, reviewed weblinks, and topic overviews.

 Britannica Image Quest

This database offers 3 million rights-cleared images from more than 45 of the best photography collections in the world, including The Bridgeman Art Gallery, Getty Images, the National Portrait Gallery of London, the National Geographic Society, and other leading names.

Go Grolier

This database offers access to six encyclopedias including one Spanish language encyclopedia, hundreds of newspaper articles, photographs, videos, reviewed weblinks, atlases and interactive maps.

World Book Online 

 A multi-use general reference encyclopedia that offers illustrations, video clips, 3D panoramic views, timelines, and audio files.  It is particularly strong for scientific, technical and medical topics.


Recommended History Databases

U.S. History in Context

From the explorers of the Americas to today's headlines, this database lets you investigate the people, events, and themes of our nation's evolution.

American History Online

This database offers 500 years of political, military, social and cultural history in the Americas.  Resources included biographies, newsreel videos, time period outlines,  photographs, maps and charts, and primary source documents.

Pop Culture Universe

This database covers major events and trends in pop culture in America and in the world since 1900. Hundreds of photos illustrate all aspects of popular culture.

 Opposing Viewpoints in Context

This database covers social. political, environmental and health issues.  It offers multiple perspectives on issues in the news.  A great resource for debates, papers or projects that require students to take a stand on a controversial topic.

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