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Communication Coordinators - School Library System Council Meeting- October 22, 2018: Identifying Items of Interest Related to School Library Programs


  • SLMS will identify areas of school library programs that you would like us to explore.
  • SLMS will identify items that you want to develop for your programs.

Background and Charge

The School Library Media Program Evaluation (SLMPE) is organized around three (3) domains: Teaching for Learning, Building the Learning Environment, and Empowering Learning Through Leadership. Using these three domains, school librarians in groups defined them. Each domain group shared their definition with the large group.

These domain groups then identified topics, questions, or ideas, etc. ("items") of interest to them and were things that they could do something about it. The groups rotated to the each domain to read and add any additional items to the domains.

School librarians marked items to indicate items of interest to them across all three domains. The SLMPE domains and the hits (items with a few marks) and hotspots (items with many marks) identified by the school librarians are listed below. These were reviewed by the large group.

Finally, school librarians were asked to log in to the discussion group and individually respond to the prompt:

What item you want to develop in your program? Describe you would like to improve your school library program. Be sure you have interested in and that you could do something about it.

This information will be used by SLS to guide future programming and services and by the school librarians to identify specific items they want to development for their library programs.

SLMPE Domains: Hits and Hotspots

Empowering Learning Through Leadership


  • Work of Instructional Leaders
  • Active member of school community
  • Leads various building initiatives aligned with district/building goals
  • Professional organization member
  • Open House (parent involvement)
  • Social Media
  • Team Meetings
  • SLS Member
  • Present Workshops
  • Curriculum Planning

Hot Spots

  • Web Page
  • School Improvement Teams
  • Reading Promotion Programs

Building the Learning Environment


  • Access to print and electronic resources
  • Collaboration between LMS & teaching staff
  • Providing a welcoming and safe environment
  • Offering a variety of resources to meet student needs
  • Flexible scheduling to allow for equitable access
  • Adequate budget to maintain and acquire resources
  • Send out digital newsletter
  • Monthly survey of teacher curriculum

Hot Spots

  • Redesign library space to provide broader use of space for teachers/students, that is current
  • Present at all faculty meetings
  • Book clubs
  • Meeting with Special Ed. (+ENL) teachers to meet needs of students
  • Collaborating on research projects
  • Flexible scheduling

Teaching for Learning


  • Higher level thinking student projects
  • Start a book club
  • Attending team/content/grade level meetings

Hot Spots

  • Use print/digital resources at varied levels
  • Project-based learning
  • Student-created content/publishing
  • Reading for FUN! 
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