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Summer Olympics 2016: Tech Tools

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Rutgers RIOT

Take this interactive tutorial to learn about various aspects of the research process. You can select specific modules to help with your individual needs. The five modules are: (1) Selecting a Topic, (2) Finding Sources, (3) Selecting Keywords, (4) Identifying Citations, and (5) Evaluating Sources.

Movie Creation Software

Web 2.0 Tools


  • VoiceThread Create an asynchronous conversation about your project
  • Jing Create a screencast to show us your project
  • Prezi Create an interactive presentation of your project. Think Powerpoint on steroids.
  • Audacity Create an audio podcast-style recording of your project

Please Don't Cheat

Contains information for secondary students and teachers about copyright law, plagiarism policies and related information. Created by the Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES as part of an LSTA grant.

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