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Election 2016: Home

If you were able to vote today, who would you vote for?

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Please Choose Only 1 Candidate
Hillary Clinton - Democrat: 178 votes (46.72%)
Donald Trump - Republican: 192 votes (50.39%)
Gary Johnson- Libertarian: 8 votes (2.1%)
Jill Stein - Green: 3 votes (0.79%)
Total Votes: 381


Have you changed your mind about who you want to vote for after doing your research?
Yes: 28 votes (26.92%)
No: 76 votes (73.08%)
Total Votes: 104


Are you going to vote for the same candidate as your parents?
Yes: 64 votes (58.72%)
No: 45 votes (41.28%)
Total Votes: 109

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Images of Your Candidate!

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