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Junkyard Theories: Home

An exploration of the scientific method by looking at discarded theories.


This is a general encyclopedia. Your first search should use this database!

Grolier Online Encyclopedia

This is a general science database.

Today's Science

This is a biological science database.

Rosen Core Concept Biology

This is a general reference database.  It contains information about many topics, including science topics.

Student Resources in Context

This database contains many reference books about history of the world.  Your theory may be included here too.

World History in Context

Use this database to find information about any people associated with your theory.

Biography Resource Center


Keyword Searching

How to find keywords to make your research easier:

Some topics are easy to search for by inserting just the topic name into a search engine.  However, most topics need additional keywords to help you find information.

Search for keywords while you are reading by looking for and recording:

  • other names for the same topic
  • other topics that relate to the topic you are searching for
  • people that are associated with the topic

use your keyword list to search for more information about your topic.

Click on the screencast to see an example about how to search for keywords:


The Four Element Theory of Matter (Earth, Fire, Air, Water)


Maternal Impression

Miasma Theory of Disease


Vitalism (Vital Force Theory)


Stress Theory of Ulcer Formation

Out of Asia Theory of Human Origin

Four Humors Theory of "Medicine"

Spontaneous Generation


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