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Hoot Webquest 2.0: Home

This web quest allows students to delve more deeply into the content and background information featured in the fictional work Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.

Webquest Details

Congratulations!  You are embarking on a webquest to learn more about the animals and habitats featured in Carl Hiaasen's book, Hoot.  Your steps are as follows:

1.  Click on the pictures in the box at the right to learn more about the animals and the habitats featured in the book.

2.  See how many interesting things you can learn about the animals. Take notes about important details.

3.  Using what you have learned, create a crossword puzzle using terms and clues from your reading.  If any of your classmates have read the book, see if they can complete the puzzle. Logo

4.  Visit BioKIDS home and choose one animal species to learn more about.  Make a project (see your teacher for specific details) that includes the following:  

  • The animal's common name
  • Its scientific name
  • Whether it is endangered, threatened, of special concern or "unprotected"
  • Its habitat
  • Whether it lives in New York State
  • What it looks like, either by describing it in detail, or drawing a picture


About the animals and habitat

About Burrowing Owls

Click here to Hear the owl's call!


About Cottonmouth Moccasins


About Striped Mullet


Nine Mile PondAbout The Everglades





Subject Guide

Think About It

Now that you've read about burrowing owls, and possibly about other animals at risk, think about what you could do to protect animals and their habitats.

Here are some places to find a little information to get you started:


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Students' Page

Elmo and another muppet from Sesame Street are pictured witha female park ragner. National Park Service Kids' Page



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